Hair Removal with Tala Ant Egg Oil - Review

Posted by Bonnie Lee Warner on April 28, 2012 at 5:20 PM

Tala Ant Egg Oil is an oil that apparently has been used in the Middle East for permanent hair removal for hundreds of years.  It is 100% natural and painless enough that it has been used on babies and young children (resulting in no hair when the become adults). **[Should not be used if you are pregnant]**

I have been on the search for a permanent way to remove hair from my face and body for years. I started waxing when I was in my early teens after my mother found out I shaved my legs, underarms and bikini when goaded by a friend.

Like all women, I hate having hair on my bits and pieces ;) so I have tried many things and ways to remove it. I have shaved, waxed, sugared, epilated, used depilatory cream, tweezed and so on and so forth.... I even paid a fortune for Laser hair removal on my face which yielded NO results what-so-ever due to the fact that I have fair hair which Laser doesn't work on.....


For the past 6-8 months I have been using a Viss Beauty IPL machine which cost me a pretty penny. I did have some good results with the Viss (mainly because I incorporated Carbon Dye when using it) but me being me I couldn't help looking for anything that would give me better results.

Anyway, 6-7 weeks ago I received my order of Tala Ant Egg Oil that I bought on eBay. I figured, 'what the hell' and 'it is worth a try'.

As of today, 28th April 2012, I have done two rounds of treatment (leaving 3ish weeks between each wax). I used it on my underarms and my bikini area (the entire area of the ol' VJJ ;) ).


You use Tala Ant Egg Oil by first removing the hair from the root and making sure the area is clean, dry and free of other oils/products. You have to remove the hair either by waxing, tweezing or epilating. You can NOT shave. You then apply a few drops of the Ant Egg Oil on the area and massage the Oil in for about 10 minutes. You apply the Ant Egg Oil for 5 days and each of these days you make sure the area is clean and dry and then massage the oil in for about 10 minutes. It is very easy to use. Just make sure you don't use it when shaving otherwise it won't work.



In the 2 rounds of treatment over a period of 6 weeks, I have noticed a reduction of more than 70% of hair growing back. The hair is lighter, thinner and much more sparse then when I started. There are a lot of areas where the hair hasn't grown back at all. Boy am I surprised by the results so far, I hoped and prayed that it would work but I never thought it would work this well after 2 rounds. I really wish I took before and after photos.

Please bear in mind that I used the brand Tala (which I am selling on this site) and that not all brands are equal.

I will be doing my third round of treatments in a few days. I will update this blog to let you know about further results. I will see if I can get any decent photos of the hair growth ***see photo in Gallery*** - this will be hard as the hair is so light now.

***UPDATE*** due to the fact that I can't upload photos in my blog as of yet, Any photos referred to will be uploaded in the on the Gallery page ***

Over and out for now... xx Bon

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Reply Bonnie Lee Warner
9:25 PM on July 16, 2016 
Solitary says...
After u massage it for 10 min do you have to leaveit overnight

Yes, that is correct :). I do it after my night shower and massage it in when I am in bed. Make sure you do it for 5 days.
Reply Solitary
9:12 PM on July 16, 2016 
After u massage it for 10 min do you have to leaveit overnight
Reply Laila
11:12 PM on April 30, 2016 
Ooo thanks alot for encouraging me hehe!
Lets see how it goes and it's true it could work for some and not for others, worth a try though, thanks for replying xx
Reply Bonnie Lee Warner
9:51 PM on April 30, 2016 
Hi Laila, yes, pretty much. you remove the hair by the root, eg wax, tweeze, epilate etc and then apply and massage in for about 10 mins for 5 days and then the next time you remove the hair you do the same. like I say above, it isn't an overnight fix, it takes time. I noticed a reduction after the first time but not everyone has the same results. Be persistent and use it regularly and you should achieve great results. I still have hair but it is extremely sparse, fine and blonde - plus I don't use it as regularly or consistently as I should - if I did, I probably would have almost no hair.
x Bonnie
Reply Laila
4:47 PM on April 30, 2016 
Wow that's really good to hear! I'm going to be married soon and I'm really worried, I want my hair to be gone :( its every girls dream! So do you wax the area then apply it on the skin for 5 days only? Then the next month 5 days again? And so on so forth?
Reply Bonnie Lee Warner
12:57 AM on March 19, 2016 
Adip says...
Does olmez oil really wrok ?

I have replied repeatedly that I do not know anything about olmez oil.
I would be grateful if you could please stop asking me about it. Perhaps you should contact: - they left a comment below about olmez oil.
Reply Adip
12:26 AM on March 19, 2016 
Does olmez oil really wrok ?
Reply Bonnie Lee Warner
8:55 PM on February 13, 2016 
Pradip, I can't guarantee that tala oil will work for someone. The only thing you can do is buy some and try it. It has worked for me but it has been a slow process. I still have hair but there is a lot less of it.
If I was you, I would buy some off of ebay and pay with paypal, that way if you don't receive it, it is covered and you can get your money back. Unfortunately no one can make a decision but you, try it or don't try it. It might work or it might not. Either way, for me, it took time and patience. If you do decide to try it, make sure you use it as instructed and be patient and persistent.
I hope this helps.
Reply pradip
8:12 AM on February 13, 2016 
please anyone tell me which one is permanent hair removal tala oil or olmez oil ? iam very sad this case.
Reply pradip
11:08 PM on February 6, 2016 
Gives me your Facebook id or whatsapp or viber number . I wanna chat you please.
I want to buy tala oil but it really work or not ?
Reply Bonnie Lee Warner
6:00 AM on January 29, 2016 
No, I don't sell Tala, I did have some but have only my own supply now.

I do not know of any original tala websites. Like I said before, I buy it from ebay. The last seller I bought it from was in Turkey and they had a high 99%-100% satisfactory rating. I cannot guarantee that any seller that you purchase it from will be legit. This seller on ebay looks good
1a3ac4f95:g:1eEAAOSwF1dUTLFQ they also sell just the 1 bottle. You will probably need more than one bottle for results. Just remember what I said, there are no guarantees with anything, Tala might work for one but not work for another. Good luck.
Reply pradip
4:13 AM on January 29, 2016 
Are you sell Tala ant oil ?
Gives me orginal tala website.
Reply Bonnie Lee Warner
3:14 AM on January 27, 2016 

Sorry, I have no idea about Olmez oil. I haven't tried it. I really don't know anything about it.

With regard to Tala, in my experience, it has worked. It might not be an overnight fix but with continuous use; it worked quite a bit for me. I bought my Tala on ebay. I made sure the seller had a very high rating. Unfortunately no one can guarantee that the oil you receive is genuine or not.
Reply pradip
3:02 AM on January 27, 2016 
How can buy orginal olmez oil ? please tell me. Gives me orginal website of Olmez oil.
Reply pradip
2:58 AM on January 27, 2016 
Ok. but many people say. tala is fake and waste of time. why ? How can buy orginal tala ant egg oil ?
Does Olmez oil removed hair permanently ? please tell me.
who use Olmez oil and does it really work or fake ?
Reply Bonnie Lee Warner
12:38 AM on January 27, 2016 
Hi Pradip,

Yes, Tala can work permanently but as mentioned in my post, it takes time and regular use to be effective. I've been using it for a couple years now off and on and whilst I still have hair, it is a lot thinner, lighter in pigment and much more sparse.

Hope this helps,
Reply pradip
11:29 PM on January 25, 2016 
Does tala removed hair permanently ?
Reply jan
11:12 AM on May 31, 2015 
Hi there, thanks for the review! I am so interested in trying this. May I ask which eBay listing you purchased from? OOr how you made sure it was the real product? I have heard of a lot of fake products on eBay and I'm scared because I want to use it on the bikini area and face.
Reply Sallan1987
4:32 PM on May 20, 2015 
I have tried olmez oil and it really does work.

A fantastic product, definitely worth a try
Reply olmezoil
2:51 PM on February 14, 2015 
Olmez Oil has been tried and tested throughout the UK and only uses top quality ingredients hence the higher price. You get what you pay for.

Last year we sold just under 1m bottles worldwide so shocked you haven't heard of it before.

All feedback on our product has been very positive to date.